Monday, July 23, 2012


It's funny how I have always eventually regretted signing up for a listserv. Those announcements get old after awhile. They fill up your inbox and rarely offer interesting or useful news of any sort. But I love getting the Weekly Action Alert from Jennifer Seibel-Newsom and her team. They make you think and perhaps even act.    

Some encouragement from MissRep reads,

"There are many wonderful ways to find a mentee - this week, seek out an opportunity in your community or workplace and make a move to sponsor a woman coming up the ladder! Mentors come from all backgrounds and ages, and no matter where you are in your career, you are in a position to be a guide and resource for those around you." 

So many positive suggestions and relevant reminders come from her "newsletter."  Normally I ignore that type of format, but I'm glad I get these updates. I hope women of all ages are getting these notifications and utilizing the MissRep website and as well. We can all use some support and advice. 

I was fortunate to have positive mentors in my past work experience, women who offered wise words to a young, sometime reluctant and rebellious square peg in a round hole. Fitting into the corporate world isn't always an easy thing to do when you're 18 and can't afford to be in college full-time. I have found my way, fortunately with several wonderful women whose professional lives I could emulate.

We all need a reminder to offer each other help and seek out help if we need it, too. There are young people all around us who can use the same encouragement in the tough work world these days. Even though I may be reluctant to seek out a mentee situation, I can still try to offer positive reinforcement for the young students I meet in day-to-day life. Most of them are likely to openly receive the message that they, too, can find their way. We can help each other get there.       

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