Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thanks, my friend! (May 30)

This post has been a long time coming. The enormity of a relationship in its length and scale is sometimes hard to summarize, as is the case with my friend Lori. I will have to suffice to say we've know each other too long to encapsulate it all here, but it all began at 10 years old. That seems like forever ago.
We've always had the kind of kinship where we know how to slide back into each other's acquaintance no matter how long an absence has been. Our lives are much different now, and those changes have us in own new places, but I still feel close to Lori. 

No one else probably knows as much about my family stuff, and maybe vice versa for her. Down the line we've eaten whole frozen chocolate pies together, gotten in trouble with our dads (like that was hard), been young and dumb enough to appropriate porn, learned the words to entire albums, drove every inch of Marshall in the biggest Lincoln on the planet, skirted around the whims of the most OCD person there ever was, and gotten/given a lifetime of free haircuts. The deal was that I'd take her along as my personal stylist when I became a famous producer, and I'm so sorry that will never happen now. lol

This history goes from the early years of finding ourselves to having families of our own.  Lori is a loving mom whose children (and spouse) are very lucky to have her.  It's been great being along on that ride with her, too.  Being a part of Lori's life meant I gained a surrogate family, too, whose love has been so appreciated in mine.

It's too bad the miles keep us apart now.  After all this time, though, I still feel like I can walk into Lori's kitchen anytime and open the fridge for tea without us missing a beat in the conversation.  We both know I practically wore out her washer, dryer and ears listening over such a span of time. 

I hope I've given Lori as much support as she's provided me over the years. It's been a good run, and I must say thanks, my friend!

If there is someone who deserves to hear how special they are, why not tell her today? 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thanks, my friend! (May 23)

It's been a struggle lately to maintain a sense of calm throughout the day. You know, the typical stuff ... dealing with bad drivers, ignorant callers, errant rodent invaders, an impatient spouse. The stress has seemed heavier than usual this week and not for any particular reason. So I escape to yoga class. Going to the YMCA, though, does not mean top-dollar accommodations. For example, we've been moved to a racquetball court. Nobody plays racquetball anymore anyway, right? No worries. Wrong ... tonight just next door. Nameste, not!
Long story long, I tried to envision something peaceful when in final relaxation and keep my focus.  Remaining mindfully still was so hard with a ball hitting the opposite wall and its deliverer expressing such loud displeasure at his shot. I brought to mind the mental image of a beautiful young brunette, the daughter of my friend Phoebe, sitting cross-legged and silent in her own comfortable seated position that her mom had shared online earlier in the week. This little sweetie's eyes were closed in meditation, and I understand she was reciting her own perfect ohms to help Mom get ready for a new brother or sister to arrive soon. I'm sure she'll be a wonderful big sister.
not her but similar
Sometimes the simplest things like that can bring you back to where you need to be. Her tiny cherubic face calmed me enough to ignore otherwise distracting ambient noise, and her Snow White ensemble brought a smile back to my own face. Knowing her mom's preference for Merida, I'd imagine a bow and arrow may have been close by instead of dwarfs. Phoebe all about empowering this budding feminist, and I'd like to think I'd act much the same as her if I had a daughter instead of a son.
Phoebe otherwise serves as a calming force in all the chaos of the world. You can tell it from her personality. She is a great mom and endearing wife to Mark, whom she always publicly praises. People don't do that much, so it's a welcome oddity. They're a fantastic couple, and I think they have a great little growing family.
Every week I try to recognize a friend whose uniqueness brightens the lives of her family and friends. I'm glad to have worked with Phoebe and gotten to know her better through it. She constantly cracks me up with her sharp wit, and I just wish I could still enjoy it in person instead of only online. Her one small act of sharing brought me joy this week, and I'd like to thank her for it!

If you're lucky enough to have a friend like mine, you should tell her so. We who have friends are rich indeed. Tell them about it!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thanks, my friend! (May 16)

Over a year ago inspired me to embark on an effort to actively support other females, as we can sometimes be overlooked in the compliment department. I try to do so in this blog each week. In part, feminism should be about women building each other up verbally instead of tearing each other apart like we so unfortunately see every day. So began "Thanks, my friend!"  
This week's post is a bit different than ones past, because it goes out to someone I don't know on a personal level. Only being acquainted with this young woman on a professional level won't keep me from recognizing her valiance, of which I've been privileged to witness over the last year or so. Amy is caring and compassionate, and she's shown a beautiful bravery in her husband's fight against cancer for over a year now.  
We've only spoken perhaps once, but Amy's Facebook updates on her family's struggle have spoken to my heart many times. I want to commend her for her gracious spirit in such a difficult chapter of their lives, and I want to thank her for reminding each person who reads the "status" on their page how very fortunate we are to have our health and to have each other.  
Thank you for so poignantly pointing out what life is all about ... the love we share with people who are important to us and make life worth living. I want to recognize you for showing everyone  that we should enjoy every day and run, jump, laugh, dance and smile every chance our bodies allow us to do so. May you find peace and continue to smile yourself.  
We don't know each other well, but thanks, my friend!  

We who have family and friends are SO very lucky. Tell someone how fortunate you are to have them in your life today! 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Thanks, my friend! (May 10)

Some people get such joy out of life that it's contagious to be around them. I mean that in the most positive way possible, because a genuinely positive attitude can be a rare find anymore. We could definitely use more of it in the world.
I miss seeing my friend, Diana, because she exudes that kind of happiness. A group of crazy women used to get together every few months for dinner, and I haven't been able to enjoy them since my son was a little baby five plus years ago. Those special times become a delicacy when they don't get to happen on a regular basis.
Friendships like that are precious. The pace of life can create a gulf in such bonds, when family and work take precedent out of necessity. Luckily, though, there are people on whom I can count to always be there. All it would take is a quick phone call to get Diana out with us, just name the time and place! She is always ready for some girl talk and fun.
I don't ever want to take my friends for granted, because I'm lucky to have them. Diana is caring, ambitious and a bundle of energy. Besides having a truly sunny personality, she's driven. Few adults choose to better themselves through higher education once their own children are grown. She went back to school and finished her degree while working full-time. Only a very purposeful person is willing to do that and still find time for everything else in a busy life. I'm so proud of her for it.
Diana loves being a mother and grandmother. Her granddaughter is likely one spoiled little gem! A gigantic smile would no doubt spread across her face if I asked her about it.  
So many great women don't receive the praise they deserve, and I'd like to pour it on Diana in case she doesn't hear it enough. She's an inspiration, and I miss her dearly. So ... here ya go, woman. Thanks, my friend!

It only takes a tiny moment of your life to tell somebody how special they are to you, so do it. Now!