Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Thanks, my friend! (July 11)

You know those people who exude the glass-half-full attitude? The ones who are perpetually happy, or at least look that way, with a damn smile on their face all the time. Sure you do, you know the ones who never say anything bad about anybody and personify grace under pressure?  I do ... and I hate those people!  I am kidding (okay, only half-kidding).  

Honestly, I admire those qualities in a person. It's amazing to know someone who is upbeat no matter the circumstances. I covet the ability to always look on the bright side of a situation.  A great woman I know possesses all these attributes -- my friend, Kim.  She is one of the kindest, sweetest people I have encountered in my forty-something years on the planet.  

Kim is a beautiful person in exactly the way a person hopes to be described as beautiful.  Her laugh is infectious and being around her makes you feel like all is right in the world. She is super knowledgeable about so many things I love, especially books and music. Every time we finish a book club meeting, my face muscles hurt from laughing, and that's attributed in great part to Kim. If you forget the name of a movie, she'll find it for you no matter who she has to text. The gorgeous picture I stole from her FB looks all serious, but don't let it fool ya. She is a truly light-hearted person and so much fun.  

An especially admirable quality Kim embodies is her ability to face adversity with a positive attitude. I imagine her faith and perseverance have been greatly challenged over the last  year or so, but she has given everyone who knows her a sincere example of the "power of positive thinking." Throughout the throes of crisis, Kim has never posted a FB status update to indicate anything other than an exuberance for life. If only many more of us could adopt her guileless demeanor.

Not only is Kim a respected business woman, she manages a multitude of other activities.  She hosts countless discussion groups and volunteers in the community.  Trust me, Kim and her daughter could tell you anything you want to know about a butterfly.  Her three children, daughter-in-law, and husband are extremely lucky to have such a reaffirming influence in their lives. They probably know that already.  *wink*  

You help me try to be more positive, and for that I thank you, my friend!  

I encourage anyone who reads this post to tell someone they love just how great you find them to be.  Cheers!  

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  1. Katy, you are such a good writer, you make me sound better than I really am! Thanks for being such a good friend.