Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How did camp creep up again?

sweet kitty pic apropos of nothing
I love/hate doing NaNoWriMo. Camp NaNo is less stressful as participants set their own word limits. Cranking out 50K during November tends to be too much pressure. Undeniably, I enjoy being part of the online community undertaking such huge projects. The camaraderie is fun. Watching NaNo Sprints via Twitter is intriguing - witnessing all the productivity when I could be sprinting myself has a somewhat self-defeating purpose. But I just can't seem to hang.

So I'm riding the fence about starting again tomorrow. My last Camp NaNo project sits listless on the back burner. It isn't even simmering, not even tepid, just cold and congealed. The project before that one is what I need to finish. It is simply stuck in the purgatory of revision. I've fallen out of love with my characters and can't seem to re-ignite the passion.

Meanwhile I try to use Studio 30+ writing prompt to actively create over at my other blog. Check it other over there. Whether I "go to camp" or not remains to be seen.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Elsewhere ...

Two works-in-progress now adorn my stack of books. They're mine, and they collect dust atop the other hard-copy ... or real ... books that rest on my dresser at home. The writing projects that are still what I call "in the revision phase." 

Now I've come back and realized my apparent abandonment of this blog. Truth is, I use another space as my actual writing blog and try to practice doing so at least on a weekly basis. Procrastinator that I might be, I'm doing a little something there. 

Katy Did Not, on the other hand, is what I've previously referred to as my ranty blog (like, "Oh, no you didn't ...) where I consider myself more anonymous in doing so. Well, as anonymous as a person can be online, especially since my Twitter account links to it. 

But I'll link over to the other one here in hopes that maybe I'll get a little traffic from it. Until then, cheers, and get back to work!