Monday, October 31, 2011

What’s wrong with this publishing picture?

Amazon’s top 20 free best-sellers (10/31/11)

1.       Mormon love story – female author
2.       Mystery – female
3.       Thriller – uknown
4.       Romance – female
5.       Religious fiction – males
6.       Game
7.       Romance – female
8.       Cookbook
9.       Romantic suspense – female
10.   Romantic suspense – female
11.   Romance – female
12.   Action – male
13.   Romance – female
14.   Romance – female
15.   Romantic suspense – female
16.   Romantic comedy – male
17.   Suspense – female
18.   Reference – male
19.   Suspense – female
20.   Paranormal romance – female
Here’s a big assumption – there are a helluva lot of bored housewives with Kindles out there who are looking for a freebie (probably in more ways than one).  I'd hate to see the closeted Harlequin collections that never sold in their garage sales.  Surrender the fantasy, and give that crap to the thrift store, ladies.  As for your e-reader, I'd say "remove from device" and join goodreads for better reading recommendations.  Damn.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Yoga Fight Club.

Yoga Fight Club.

What a hilariously funny little blog post I stumbled across today. Gives me all the more incentive to go into Karate Kid crane position and bitch-kick that ol' skinny farting woman who played on my sympathy to get me to move out of "her spot" last week. All that to listen to her awkward non-oogi-obscene-caller breathing. Made me want to fling my sweat and sloughed heel skin on her. How very unyogic of me!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How do you know when it's Halloween time?

You see Dolly Parton in a Mrs. Santa suit on television in a "Christmas at Dixie" commercial for her Dixie Stampede restaurant.  Gotta love living in the Ozarks. (

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My sand pail list (in lieu of a bucket)

In case the bucket never gets filled before I kick it:

1)  see my son graduate from high school/college & maybe marry one day 

2) go to Hawaii - don't know if I'll ever make all 50 states

3) publish a real novel

4) make as many young women as possible realize they really are feminists*

5) finally be able to do king pigeon

6) meet my college friends' children - Young & her daughters in Seoul, Korea & Jill & kids in LA,CA

7) go zip-lining

8) accomplish one tangible truly selfless improvement for society

9) drive a motorcycle

10) get back to pre-baby weight

*see the greatest cartoon at:
& great new book at: 
"Englightened Sexism"

Thanks to Becky from BBC ( for this idea.