Friday, June 20, 2014


"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."

John Lennon

Friday, June 6, 2014


siddiver via photobucket
Unfolding the stale cookie from its crispy twist, I read the fortune and popped pieces of the tasteless wafer into my mouth. The ominous slip of paper inside encouraged, “Be adventuresome and try a new look.”

Were I a more suspicious person, I would fear an assembly line worker out there somewhere had it in for me. Wishing away any bad premonition for the future, I decided to not heed the advice. What had throwing caution to the wind ever gotten me before? A seat on the crazy train, perhaps.

The last time I tried to change things up and got a new ‘do, people could barely divert their eyes from my purple locks. Personally, I loved the dramatic swoop of my bangs as they rose into a pompadour. At first I told myself the stares were simple jealousy and had nothing to do with my pale makeup and pastel-floral blouse. Those hues went so well with the midnight blue leather mini-skirt and navy lipstick. The snag created when my tights caught on a grommet of my boot string only added to the overall effect of my “new look” at that time.

Hey, it was the ‘80s. My recent breakup and broken-heartedness called for something entirely different to counteract the negativity. A whole new me. I was peeling away the layers of an entirely redefined self, an emerging aspect of my persona. Uncovering a wonderful piece of me, of who I was to become.

Perhaps I was young and naive, but I still yearned for that dental assistant position. No one told me I should wear something different to the job interview.   

*Studio 30+ prompt from an original post at Chaotically Yours