Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thanks, my friend! (June 6)

In the spirit of MissRepresentation's urge for mutual support, I want to heed the suggestion to reject thoughts of criticism and judgment against each other, 
"... and instead celebrate the fact that we are all in this together - that one woman's success is a success for all of us"
A lot of women deserve acknowledgement of their accomplishments and rarely, if ever, receive it.  Many of us struggle to work a full-time job, care for our families and households while still making time for a life of our own.  It is usually the personal part which suffers while everything and everyone else fares better with our support.  Why don't we recognize each other's unique qualities on a regular basis?  

There might not be a partner, co-worker or boss who will otherwise praise one of our friends.  Only a spare moment is necessary to do so, just a minuscule effort on our part.  It can serve to encourage her to carry on the good work, give her the pat on the back she deserves, boost her self-esteem, or simply make her day.

In that light, I want to celebrate a wonderful woman from my life with whom I have become re-acquainted in the last few years.  My friend, Lanea, is a sharp, hilarious woman who I don't get to see often enough.  We were friends all through school in our mutual hometown but lost contact over the last several years.  Thanks to live class reunions and continuous ones through Facebook and the blogosphere, we have gotten to catch up with each others' lives. 

Lanea is creative, talented (see, and generously encourages her friends.  I've been lucky enough to relish her supportive words.  She is one of the most fun-loving women I know who has a knack for making others feel special.  Every time somebody asks a question about popular music, I think, "Lanea would know the answer to that."  She's a proud mom who I'm sure showers her kids and husband with lots of nurturing love.  

I was so happy to find other praises for Lanea online at Evansville Living.  

Like the great people at suggest, we can:
"... make a concerted effort to see women as allies instead of enemies; and let's stop judging other women for their success, their talents or their looks"
We are all successful in one way or another, and it's nice to hear someone point it out in a positive manner.  It takes so little effort to help someone know how special they are and just how important they are to other people in this journey through life.  I encourage anyone who reads this post to do the same.  


  1. What a wonderful post! I like this idea, that we should highlight those in our lives that make a difference to us and help us to get through each day. I might just have to borrow this idea on my own blog. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for replying! I've tried to keep up with this effort saying something nice about a special friend each week, but it's been every two weeks lately. It honestly takes just a few minutes out of my day to give someone a boost, and I've gotten so much out of it. So little effort to tell someone how lovely they are to so many people.

      A couple different times I've highlighted someone I didn't have a chance to tell while they were alive, and that loss has given me a purpose to tell others NOW. Please use the idea - you'll be so glad you did!