Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thanks, my friend! June 27

Back in 1989, I was somewhat freshly out of high school and moved to a new town.  It was only relatively larger than my hometown, but everyone there was a stranger.  My job was a new beginning and the next chapter in my timeline to semi-maturity.  There I met great woman, Dena, to whom I wish to express my appreciation this week.  

Dena was my first friend in that new life and everyone I met there was a few degrees of separation from her.  We have remained friends all these years, and I've recently gotten to celebrate an upcoming milestone with her.  As her impending nuptials approach, I wish her well in seeking her "happily ever after."  She deserves it.

This mother of five provides a wonderful example of loyalty and drive to her children.  She has always held a job and remained involved during the many school functions, sporting events, church activities, social gatherings and ultimate graduations of her young brood.  This Fall all but one of the kids will be in college at the same time, with the exception of one starting in her education practicum.  How many parents can boast those statistics?

Dena works full-time and then some.  She holds a regular job and is also the marketing director for an American Professional Football League team, the Mid-MO Outlaws "on the side."  The dance team is lucky to have her as their coach, too.  She is well-known, respected and well-liked in all her professional affiliations. 

This woman has a multitude of friends who would surely tell you some of the same things I am -- how she is funny, loving, supportive and determined.  It has been a heavy year for her family, with the death of her children's father, and she is the rock upon which they stand.  

She looks out for her friends and builds you up when you need it.  Dena is my partner in crime and travel/B&B companion, one who shares my snark, and I am proud to call her my homey.  Bill's one lucky dude.  

Raising a glass to you, my friend!

It only takes a second to tell someone how much they mean to you, and we all enjoy a little appreciation from time to time.  I encourage you to do the same for a strong woman in your life.


  1. your friend sounds amazing--and she rides a bike too!? gotta love that. what a nice tribute to her!

  2. Thanks, Deb! I am so lucky to have such great women in my life and want to give them a little of the recognition they deserve. Thank you for always commenting positively. :)