Monday, June 18, 2012

"Tests of Will" available on Amazon

Today’s the day!  My new novella, Tests of Will, is now available at Amazon.

Transitioning to college life brings challenges for a Midwestern transplant. Alice Kennedy’s expectations and values are up-ended by more than just her school’s sleepy location. Young women on campus are being stalked. There is a disturbed sadist in their midst, and Alice needs more than her wits to survive when her worst fears are realized.
Alice Kennedy’s story is a somewhat feminist YA thriller with a “whodunnit” slant.  It is categorized as suspense/thriller and contemporary women on Amazon.  Thank you, Kindle Direct Publishing!
The novella is dedicated to the memory of Yeardley Love and the innumerable young women like her who have suffered at the hands of the people they love.  Out of respect for this young woman whose life was cut all too short, please get information about the One Love Foundation at

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