Monday, March 19, 2012

What a bucket full of idiots.

In regards to nail files, such an innocuous object, here's the most sexist thing I've read today:

"Wedding parties: Either for the Bride’s Maids or even as a table gift for every lady present."

Conde Systems Sublimation blog

The company is Conde.  Apparently they have freaking eegits for marketing "gurus."   The blogger (honestly) quotes a customer as saying, "Every woman loves a good nail file and my wife tells me this one is the best. "

Every woman loves a good nail file?  Not particularly.  I'll settle for one of those plain ol' mini-emery boards, thank you.  Does this mean guys don't use them?  If they have jaggy fingernails, maybe they should!  Toward the end, the blogger even recommends, "Consider using these as gifts to your lady clients."

Those lady clients would probably find this comment to be very sexist.  If they only knew.

I find the categorization of "lady gifts" to be a total over-generalization of women based on their "lady parts."  This sales genius basically denotes the vagina as pre-requisite to owning a nail file.  Why doesn't he realize how insulting it is to make this type of generalization?  This is a time when I wish I tweeted so I could gig this company for such a blatantly sexist comment.

True, it's only 1:30 CST, so there's sure to be more misogynistic ignorance penned before day's end.

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