Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Open letter to Rih Rih


My dear, you are a totally hot mess, not to mention a disappointment to most of your fans.  Well, the female fans with half a brain at least.  Get over #downwithchrisbrown.  Period.  Leave him alone, shed yourself of any connection to him (twitter or otherwise), and move on with your life!  Forget about any business collaboration. Otherwise, I hope your music career stands to suffer.

You've set a poor enough example for all young people who listen to your music.  As if it wasn't bad enough to you wear a mesh shirt in public with no bra, now you're tweeting racist remarks about his next inevitable abuse victim.  Anyone who saw that shirt couldn't help but consider you tacky, tacky, tacky.

Haven't you an iota of self-respect left?  I should have known you must not when I read about you and your friends calling each other the "c" word and thinking it was endearing.  That, and you, are not cute.

Don't play the victim any more.  It's not attractive on you.  Think of all the strong young women for whom you serve as an influence.  How would you feel if she lashed back with a racial epithet, too?

And as much as I thought I liked your latest single, I will not buy the CD.  I don't want my young, impressionable, feminist son to hear music from the self-loathing likes of you.

Former Fan

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