Thursday, March 1, 2012

Missing My Monkee

Dear Davy, 

We sure will miss you! Thanks for signing my copy of your book, They Made a Monkee out of Me, in 1987. I was such a teenage nerd that I called the radio station 101 the Fox in Kansas City specifically to talk to you.  Never mind that your group's created-by-the-networks,  lip-synced music was most popular the year I was born.  It didn't matter that you had a daughter around my age.  I still thought you were sexy cool (must have been the British accent).

Even though you donned a mullet wig and fake muscles inside spandex at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, I still loved seeing you there, too.  I even forced my friend's young daughter to go with me so I didn't look like a complete 20-year old dork.   You also kind of looked like a guy I used to date in high school.  Unfortunately, he had your same haircut in 1983.  The redeeming factor for my nerdy obsession with you was the Hard Day's Night-esque effort of "Head."  You were The Beatles minus the maharishi and hallucinogenics.    

The complete volume of your band's work in cassette format are specially preserved in my craft room music collection, all there for the sake of my reminiscing.  I could never find "Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones, Ltd."  That was, after all, before ebay or Amazon.  As for my walk down memory lane, I remember: 


The Greatest Hits
The Best of the Monkees
The Monkees Present
Birds, Bees and the Monkees

Remember signing my copy of the liner notes from Pool It?  Thanks for that, too!  It's a shame that reunion tour didn't bring you all back into the limelight.  It would have a mistake to carry on without Michael, though.  I could have been your tour manager.  It was that wife of yours who must have dropped the ball!  

So I'm letting my parasocial relationship with you finally come to rest, perhaps.  You will remain a rock legend, albeit a faux legacy to leave.  At least your time came before the ultra-saturation of the media through the internet where we know watch the minutia of celebrity lives and feel our commentary is valuable.  You were able to leave without a modern-day scandal,and there are probably plenty of groupies out there who could tell a tale or two.  I was born late or I probably would have been one of them (*blush*).  

I'm sure you were a great father, jockey, and wonderful human being.  Goodbye, Love!  :)

Your Biggest Old-Souled Fan

Monkees "Head" clip

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