Friday, March 9, 2012

Newspaper follow-up

Being disappointed in myself from not expressing my opinion via the local newspaper online, I decided to email the reporter.  I first explained that my concerns did not directly address his article but more the subject of hydro-fracking dangers in general.  He responded, much to my pleasure, and is going to pass along what I wrote to the editorial department.  It sounds kind of like a "food for thought" type of situation where they might choose to do an editorial piece on the subject.  So I didn't actually have my say, but then again I did.  Now they can take all the backlash from nutjobs expounding their idiocy through online responses instead of it being deflected to me for writing a letter to the newspaper editor.

It was refreshing to have the reporter not dismiss me as a general kook and ignore my email.  So many people expel their b.s. anonymously online (*clears guilty throat*), and I was glad he didn't take my email that way.  I passed along yet another link to more online information from a Cornell University study about animal health being affected by fracking.  Perhaps Midwestern citizens might pay attention if their livelihoods (farming and livestock) are potentially impacted.

People only seem to care about ecology when it affects their financial bottom line, not when it affects our planet, human kind, and animals.  How about their kids' kids' kids?  With more and more greed and disdain in the world, I'm glad others actually care what we're doing to our planet and try to do something about it.  It's science, folks, not just a bunch of crazy liberals jumping on the Al Gore bandwagon.  Seriously, what would we have to personally benefit from lessening the abuses except helping preserve life in the future?  We're not making any money off the effort.  Some of us simply still care about generations to come and not just about using up and destroying everything we have now.  Drill, baby, drill ... my ass!

Can't wait to see what happens with the newspaper, if anything.  Maybe I will write the letter based on what I already said to the reporter if I don't see anything on the subject in the next few weeks.  Remaining silent just seems too complicit.

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