Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What I was going to post in a local newspaper comment ...

"Why NOT buy even more lower-cost power from the grid?  Because the detrimental effects on human health and damage related to fracking are more important than profits.  Look at any example from the east coast battle (NY, PA, VA, WV) and across the U.S. (TX, ID & ND) against hydraulic fracturing."  

Article titled "Cheap Natural gas is saving for C.U." at City-Utilities-power-plant  

I was also going to link to the New York Times archive of all their commentary and articles there about hydro-fracking at NYT archives.  But my FB account profile popped up, as that's the only way to comment, and it listed my employer next to my name.  So many people around here would connect my thoughts to me speaking on behalf of my job.  

Funny that I've complained so much about the crackpots who use the anonymity of the internet to spew their opinions everywhere through online responses and comments, and I was joining their ranks.  Here is my forum instead!

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