Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Whose blog is it anyway?

There's a very outspoken blogger over on wordpress, Queen of the Couch, who tells it very much like it is.  While I was pleasantly astounded by her post You didnt thank me for punching you in the face, there were many others who did not agree.  Several random peoples of the interwebz disagreed so vehemently they decided to basically flame the hell out of this woman on her blog.  

So wait a minute ... who invited these people to read, much less comment on, her personal opinions expressed on her blog?  It appears a lot of the 1000+ responders, dare I say many of them trolls, happened upon it through links via FB pages.  Of course, I'm responding to it here though it's none of my business.  I also responded positively there as well.  

The topics of children hitting each other, bullying at school, boys and girls learning to respect each other, and domestic violence are all very near and dear to my heart.  We have already had to deal with the beginnings of bullying at pre-school.  "Little Guy" isn't even in kindergarten yet, and he is already learning to take up for himself at school.  Geez.  It's a sticky situation to teach him about interacting with other kids, because not all parents (or teachers) are going to agree with the way "Big Guy" and I chose to advise him to act/react.  

I digress.  This particular blogger probably wanted to purge her frustration with what she saw happening with children by writing about on her site.  She put it out there no matter how wide the web reaches.  There's that, but there's also the fact that she invited none of us to comment on it.  People think it's their right to critique her not only on what she has to say but how she sees fit to parent her children.  All kinds of accusations flew about who is a nut job, what is a helicopter parent, her use of "foul" language, and her blog being the supposed forum for debate.

It's HER damn blog!  She can say anything she wants.  She can feel any way she wants independent of anyone else's direction.  She can certainly parent any way she wants.  Then again, you can judge all you want.  

Guess what, though?  She probably doesn't care.  She didn't ask you to read her post or invite your opinion.  Yes, she has an open blog.  Why is it important enough to take the time to make your own oh-so-important views on the subject known?  You're not going to change her mind any more than she changed yours.  The rest of us don't give a rat's ass what you think.

There's been no FCC control of the web yet, and I hope there is never any to come.  But it is nobody's right to free speech to harangue someone else with whom you disagree. You wouldn't do it to her face (it's called harassment), so why are you so brave to do it on her blog?  It is my contention that anonymity is the impetus of all this negative crap.  

If it acts like a troll and bottom feeds like a troll, it's probably a troll.  More power to you, @Queen of the Couch.  

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