Friday, May 10, 2013

Thanks, my friend! (May 10)

Some people get such joy out of life that it's contagious to be around them. I mean that in the most positive way possible, because a genuinely positive attitude can be a rare find anymore. We could definitely use more of it in the world.
I miss seeing my friend, Diana, because she exudes that kind of happiness. A group of crazy women used to get together every few months for dinner, and I haven't been able to enjoy them since my son was a little baby five plus years ago. Those special times become a delicacy when they don't get to happen on a regular basis.
Friendships like that are precious. The pace of life can create a gulf in such bonds, when family and work take precedent out of necessity. Luckily, though, there are people on whom I can count to always be there. All it would take is a quick phone call to get Diana out with us, just name the time and place! She is always ready for some girl talk and fun.
I don't ever want to take my friends for granted, because I'm lucky to have them. Diana is caring, ambitious and a bundle of energy. Besides having a truly sunny personality, she's driven. Few adults choose to better themselves through higher education once their own children are grown. She went back to school and finished her degree while working full-time. Only a very purposeful person is willing to do that and still find time for everything else in a busy life. I'm so proud of her for it.
Diana loves being a mother and grandmother. Her granddaughter is likely one spoiled little gem! A gigantic smile would no doubt spread across her face if I asked her about it.  
So many great women don't receive the praise they deserve, and I'd like to pour it on Diana in case she doesn't hear it enough. She's an inspiration, and I miss her dearly. So ... here ya go, woman. Thanks, my friend!

It only takes a tiny moment of your life to tell somebody how special they are to you, so do it. Now!

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