Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thanks, my friend! (May 23)

It's been a struggle lately to maintain a sense of calm throughout the day. You know, the typical stuff ... dealing with bad drivers, ignorant callers, errant rodent invaders, an impatient spouse. The stress has seemed heavier than usual this week and not for any particular reason. So I escape to yoga class. Going to the YMCA, though, does not mean top-dollar accommodations. For example, we've been moved to a racquetball court. Nobody plays racquetball anymore anyway, right? No worries. Wrong ... tonight just next door. Nameste, not!
Long story long, I tried to envision something peaceful when in final relaxation and keep my focus.  Remaining mindfully still was so hard with a ball hitting the opposite wall and its deliverer expressing such loud displeasure at his shot. I brought to mind the mental image of a beautiful young brunette, the daughter of my friend Phoebe, sitting cross-legged and silent in her own comfortable seated position that her mom had shared online earlier in the week. This little sweetie's eyes were closed in meditation, and I understand she was reciting her own perfect ohms to help Mom get ready for a new brother or sister to arrive soon. I'm sure she'll be a wonderful big sister.
not her but similar
Sometimes the simplest things like that can bring you back to where you need to be. Her tiny cherubic face calmed me enough to ignore otherwise distracting ambient noise, and her Snow White ensemble brought a smile back to my own face. Knowing her mom's preference for Merida, I'd imagine a bow and arrow may have been close by instead of dwarfs. Phoebe all about empowering this budding feminist, and I'd like to think I'd act much the same as her if I had a daughter instead of a son.
Phoebe otherwise serves as a calming force in all the chaos of the world. You can tell it from her personality. She is a great mom and endearing wife to Mark, whom she always publicly praises. People don't do that much, so it's a welcome oddity. They're a fantastic couple, and I think they have a great little growing family.
Every week I try to recognize a friend whose uniqueness brightens the lives of her family and friends. I'm glad to have worked with Phoebe and gotten to know her better through it. She constantly cracks me up with her sharp wit, and I just wish I could still enjoy it in person instead of only online. Her one small act of sharing brought me joy this week, and I'd like to thank her for it!

If you're lucky enough to have a friend like mine, you should tell her so. We who have friends are rich indeed. Tell them about it!

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