Friday, August 17, 2012

Thanks, my friend! (August 17)

Through my reminiscing on friendships lately, I'm pleased to recollect how many cool classmates I remain in contact with from college. Maybe it's not an astounding feat for most folks, but I was a part-time student in my 30s while working full-time at the university. We didn't live on campus to interact in the typical ways of first-time freshman, but we made the best of our time there. The handful of quality people from undergrad who remain in my life today bring back many good memories of those days. The internet makes it possible for us to stay in touch now.

Those friends are scattered across the world, including California, Colorado and Korea. One good girlfriend moved to North Carolina a few years back, and I miss her greatly!  Shelley is a compassionate and kind-hearted soul who makes friends easily with her outgoing nature. Her professional life has been spent mostly in non-profit entities where serving people is her business. We not only had classes together but got to know each other better and become friends.  We also saw each other progress into our respective work worlds. 

Shelley's professional life changed directions with her move to Charlotte, where I know she loves living. It's closer to her family, and her devotion to them glows through her pictures online. She met a guy who makes her happy, and I am glad for them. Steve found a great partner! 

Social media is the medium I get to experience her life through now, for which I am grateful. I miss her laugh and the fun times we had in Kansas City, but I'm glad we can at least stay in touch long distance. I hope she knows how much I appreciated her introducing me to people and inviting me along with her friends. Shelley is a strong, remarkable woman, and I miss her charming tendency to call someone a "doll."  I hope our paths cross again one day.

Distance is yet another reason we should all tell our friends how much we love them. Do it today!  You'll be glad you did. 


  1. hey katy - i'm enjoying your project of sharing cool stuff about your friends. it's such a great way of countering the ways the women can sometimes be competitive instead of supportive. it also reminds me of another blog i read that you might find interesting: Every post features a different amazing woman forgotten by history. it's similar to what you're doing, just historical. just thought i'd pass that along!

  2. Thanks, Deb! I try to post at least once a week and usually put the link on my friends' FB page as a little "pat on the back." Most everybody deserves a little praise now and then, and women seem to be ignored a lot (preachin' to the choir I'm sure). We are sometimes too quick to judge each other but not compliment or say anything nice. So thank you for saying something to me about it!

    The link you sent was very cool, too.