Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thanks, my friend! August 23

It's about time I've gotten around to this post.  My recognition of an amazing woman, Amy, is long overdue.  There's simply so much to say about her it's taken awhile to gather my thoughts.  An unsung heroine of your life is a hard one to synthesize into a single blog post. 

We've known each other for 30 years -- unfathomable -- and seen each other through all that life has thrown our way.  Amy is one of the most hilarious, hardest-working, with-it women I know.  If she's faking it, no body would ever know.  She has worked her ass off since a teenage and spent a majority of her career helping college students in CA, CO, KS, and MO maneuver through the financial aid maze.  In a respite between those locations, she immersed her heart, soul and savings into her own business.  How brave for someone to take the chance at a long-time goal previously put on hold by other obligations.  Amy turned her dream into reality by buying, remodeling and running her own salon.  I wish it would have made massive amounts of riches, but it's a tough stint for a boss to pay her employees and be the last one on the payroll.  Hers was an admirable effort, and she can be confident in knowing she gave it her best shot.  No way can she look back and wonder "what if." Taking that chance would be too fearsome for a weaker being.

It amazes me how she continues to toil through long hours and a long commute to return to a home and partner she loves.  As I've said before, Steve is a lucky dude.  And little Alleybugs is a terrier with lots of love lavished upon her, too.  

There are few people with whom I could stand to rudder a canoe with her as pilot, ride a river raft, camp out in our two-person site, bungee jump, try to out-drink, and fearlessly tackle anything.  We share a sense of adventure, and she has patiently listened to all my whining, endlessly laughed with me, shared my sarcasm, suffered the pitfalls but relished the triumphs, and dropped everything when I needed her.  There's no one else worth that praise.  

We've celebrated and commiserated about family and friends, lost our patience and our parents together, and stuck with each other since 9th grade.  Amy graciously hosted both a lovely bridal and baby shower for me.  She was the "best woman" at my wedding.  There is nobody else I'd have wanted by side.  

Once again, I raise my glass to (and with) you and say thanks, my friend!  

Tell someone important in your life just how much they mean to you.  They deserve to hear it.


  1. thanks for sharing an awesome post. You are lucky to have each other. Friends are a blessing that we tend to overlook. Good for you for sharing your blessing with us.

    Dream Big!

  2. I am very fortunate to have great friends in my life. My post doesn't even mention all the crazy fun concerts we've seen together. There's too much to mention -- lucky me!