Monday, April 30, 2012


A thought-provoking newsletter comes out from every week inviting readers to not only speak up but also take action for the rights of women. We must keep struggling for the sake of the girls and young women who are only learning these inevitable truths in their own lives.  As their mentors, women need to question all the misleading images of girls and women rampant in all forms of media.   

I try to keep the ideas at the forefront of my mind and incorporate positive actions into my every day life.  It's difficult to keep #TheConversation (Ashley Judd's article) going, even though I vow to myself that I will help the young women around me realize they are feminists regardless of whether or not they self-identifying as such.  

Women who have public voices and followings, such as Jessica Valenti and Naomi Wolf, can reach a vast audience via social media or various public appearances. Fortunately, there are many other informed women and men who are also online discussing important subjects like the Violence Against Women Act (VAMA).

While I have nowhere near that reach, I can keep the conversation going among my peers, students and other young people I meet or already know.

From the newsletter: 
It's an opportunity to not only challenge the media's limiting labels, but to question how we value ourselves and the women around us. 
Another great blog entry about why feminism matters is at Fem2.0, which would give many people food for thought if they'd dare read it.  I linked to it through a post on another blog I follow(Anything But Beige). Take the @RepresentPledge today at!  

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