Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"We are our own worst enemy!"

It's not just men who act like misogynist idiots:
Vanity Fair reinforces sexist stereotypes

Why must these women be posed as lily-white angels?  It must be that whole sexist whore/virgin thing.  Is this really where we are stuck in 2012?

And the lower article being captioned, "Play it as girls' night in?"  Come on, these are women!  Mind you, they act like idiotic twits who are willing to trade their dignity for a corset and some fleeting fame.  I can't stand to post the picture here.  

All of them are naked, nearly naked, and are literally in positions to be looked down upon.  Stuck in the pajama party obsession.  Playing right into the part.  You'd think women had just taken their first roles on television.  I shake my head in wonder at why these actors willingly allow themselves to be characterized as fetish objects, objectifying themselves in the process, and being reduced to only bed-ridden objects of lust.  

It just makes me sick.  My effort in writing about it here is futile except to allow me to vent my anger and disgust.  I guess I just expected more out of some of these actors, i.e. Claire Danes.  
Fame and fortune rules the day. 

One blogger is at least making some sense:
Women in TV Vanity Fair and Lee Aronsohn comments

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