Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Unbelievable Jackassery

I used to watch "Two and a Half Men," mainly because I thought Sheen was so handsome before he went off the deep end (*blushes in shame*).  There is now more evidence why noone, especially women, should watch that misogynistic show regardless of the actors or any funny one-liners the jerks who write it might summon up from their demonic souls.
Hollywood Reporter article
My blood pressure rushed after reading it.  The author kind of hid the b.s. under a headline about Kutcher returning for a new season.  I was glad to at least see many women of "influence" (celebrities, television writers and comediennes) tweeting about it, some directly to Aronsohn The Asshat, and addressing his misogyny.  My response was initial fear of the influence this hate-monger might have on young viewing audiences, and it made me ask, "Did your Momma really hate you that much, Lee?"
I just can't believe that it's 2012 and American people still spout shite like this in interviews (regardless of viewership standing to suffer - how arrogant).  Hate is so rampant in our world where t.v. writers and politicians pump out their vitriol in a public forum and young men can't even walk down the street without worrying about being shot for "walking while black."  
It haunts me to think of my son's future.  Children his age are growing up in such an insensitive time period where conservatives rage against being politically correct.  To me, it's not about just talking the talk.  How about being normal, considerate human beings with a conscience?  Decorum, grace, forget it.  A tiny bit of empathy will suffice.  
Kids his age will see so much before they reach puberty, much less adulthood. Teens have never experienced a world without the blatant hyper-sexualization of their demographic group throughout the media (ads, magazines, and t.v.).  Even sports programs.  Sure, they should only watch age-appropriate shows, but this crap is invasive.
They're witnessing less and less behavior born of self-respect, and the societal norms are changing, warping.  I'm not talking about social conformity; to the contrary, human compassion can fuel a healthy conscience.  
At the risk of being a total prude, I'm still saying, "look at these kids nowadays."  BUT ... they are learning how to act from adults.  These so-called adults unabashedly proclaim their hatred of women (and self-loathing - yes, you Ann Coulter) through their public protestations and discrimination against and bullying of people of others races, sexual orientations, ethnicities, and religions is perfectly acceptable.  It's gut wrenching.
I'm sure they first hid their dirty little secrets and bigoted behavior within their homes, teaching the children not to talk about these things in school, but then vomited their hate to indoctrinate impressionable young minds behind closed doors. 
It's a slippery slope.  Hate breeding for little future Lee Ahronsons, Roy Bryants/J.W. Milams, George Zimmermans, Rick Santorums, and Charlie Mansons alike.  

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