Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Of course, I always have more to say on the subject

Oh Rihanna, why are you disappointing us so?  A re-mix with #downwithchrisbrown, really?  That's how you spend your birthday, tweeting about this stupidity?

Is that how you want your young female fans to look up to you?  You might just be reinforcing their assumption that it's okay to let an abuser off the hook as long as he is cute, can dance, and throws you a bone of his fame.  They bled it all over twitter after the latest Grammy debacle.  Don't you remember that other one on Grammy's Eve three years ago?  

As comedienne Sarah Colonna has so graciously stated it, (Sarah says) you could give your young audience an explanation. Stress to them it wasn't okay for that scumbag to beat you and walk away unpunished while he basks in all the glory of his celebrity.  

My disappointment obviously doesn't matter to you, but it is ever present any more.  I'm one in a trillion who like your music, and I'm definitely out of your target demographic.  However, I am also one who will reconsider buying any music you create based on your public acceptance of his despicable behavior.  Perhaps there will be many others who will do the same.  

I'd say "step up, girl," but you're not a girl.  You're a woman who should be setting a better example.  I'm so disgusted and hope your younger fans are, too.

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