Friday, January 11, 2013

Thanks, my friend! January 11

If you're lucky, inspiration seeps through Facebook. It can sometimes put a smile on your face and a plan in your mind even if you don't have the source near to give you the good vibes. That's the case with my now online friend and former yoga instructor, Meg, who moved away and left me in metaphorical tears by doing so.
Some of my yogic calm went with her, but she left a legacy I can still  conjure up from time to time.
Meg left a strong impression with her personality's ever present positivity. Her example keeps me striving to be mindfully at peace and in the moment. During yoga, my otherwise-should-be-blank mind goes back to her coaxing to concentrate on your breathing and heed only your own practice, no one else's. Her instruction spoiled me on future yoga instructors, left me wanting in comparison to Meg's classes.
This woman is a hugely talented writer as well whose humor jumps from the screen when I have the happy occasion to find something new of hers online. The creative fictional pieces make me literally lol, which is so fun in otherwise spirit-sucking days of mundane activity or bad-news bombardment. I want to share the wealth, so try some for yourself at The Nervous Breakdown. I promise you'll be glad you did.
Her more personal posts reveal a strong mother, a woman whose life experiences were character building, an anti-crazymaker. Humble honesty is apparent through her words. You get the gist of what she's all about from any of her postings.
Meg seems a master in rolling with the punches. Her generous spirit is palpable, and she shares with anyone lucky enough to be around her. Our loss in the Midwest is the gain of her new-ish west coast friends. You can imagine he truth of that statement simply from her Twitter bio:
Health Coach. Author of Salad Alchemy. Writer of other things. Curator of beautiful. In service to you.
Meg's website intimates her many qualities. She has a blithe spirit who left a great impression on me. I hope to always remember her serene example. Thanks, woman - carry on!

It's important to take a few minutes to tell someone how important they are to you. Tell a friend you love her -- do it now!

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