Tuesday, January 15, 2013

In Honor of Women ...

I don't normally "do" Pinterest. The last thing I need is another time-sucking activity besides this one that keeps my obsessive compulsive ass online. You can apparently look at things on Pinterest, sometimes very cool things, that someone linked to you without having to create a profile. Shew! Minimizes the hours thrown into the black hole that is the internet. 

An amazing homage to women is available via One Plaid Aunt at http://pinterest.com/oneplaidaunt/staunch/.  Simply amazing.  

It's crazy to see so many incredible creators, inventors, musicians, celebrities, and other artists all pictured on one page. Kudos to One Plaid Aunt. I'll have to take a few more minutes, hell ... I've already blown this much time, to find a way to tell her how cool it is.

Just a sampling:

I found this shot a finger hop, skip and jump from the first website. It is a fabulous encapsulation of a young Angelica Huston, as captured by Annie Leibovitz. Say what they will about time, aging, blah blah blah, this woman was and is so striking. Of course, it's not all about looks, but some of the similar images on the OPA board are just mesmerizing.

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