Friday, December 7, 2012

Thanks, my friend! (December 8)

10,000 styles ago - <3 this pic
You have to really trust the person who cuts your hair. It's easier when she is a friend of yours, though. No way would she chance screwing it up and have to deal with your whining. I met such a woman through our mutual friend.  I ought to thank her sometime for introducing us, but I never seem to get around to things like that.  

My friend, Susan, used to do my hair.  She is so much more than simply a stylist ... she is a self-made woman, a single mom, a hard worker, and such a sweet person.  

Becoming a new business owner is her latest triumph. Susan is motivated by her beautiful daughters, who I know are also inspired by her. Her example will show them how a person can get through life by having a positive attitude and a loving spirit.  If there was ever a woman who exudes perseverance, it is Sue.  
My trips "back home" are accentuated by visits with her, otherwise I miss her smiling face. I've been impressed with her ability to carry on toward positivism, especially in the last few tough years.  Susan loves life and shows it every day.  We should all follow her lead!  I wish her all the luck she deserves with her salon and in her life.  

Once poor Susan made the mistake of calling me when I was deep in the throes of postpartum craziness.  She "talked me down" and supplied me with the support I needed at that moment.  Every now and then when I'm bummed out, I get a little message on Facebook along the lines of "I miss you, Katy," and it cheers me up.  So it's obvious from who ... it's Sue.  For that and much more, I say, "Thanks, my friend!"

Tell a friend you love her.  She deserves to hear it!

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