Monday, November 5, 2012

We Can Do It!

There is no way I could not share this quote today, Election Eve in America.  
from on FB
It is from Jennifer Siebel Newsom & the Team

(regarding how to increase the # of women who influence policy decisions)
"It's not just about electing women though, it's about voting for those candidates - regardless of gender - who truly value and respect all of us. It's about supporting those who embrace both masculine and feminine qualities across society.We need people at the top who advocate for equal pay, family leave, and childcare policies. We need politicians who really care about our kids' education, our health, our well-being and the environment. We need brave leadership - leadership that isn't afraid to say in public what they think in private and that isn't afraid to challenge the status quo of partisan politics. Leadership that prioritizes a healthier economy and incorporates care and caregiving into its policies and incentives."

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