Friday, November 9, 2012

Thanks, my friend! November 9

This week I wish to pay tribute to another great female I have the pleasure of having in my life. We all deserve at least a little recognition from time to time. So I'm going to pat the back of my friend, Kathleen, who I get to see this weekend.
me, Kathleen & Stacey

My first thought when this woman comes to mind is that she is "a hoot and a half." We've been goofing together since we were in middle school.  By happenstance she moved to our hometown as a pre-teen but fell right into the small-town groove.  There's no end to the laughs when Kathy's around, and she tries to make those gatherings happen as often as possible. A big group of high-school buddies still get together as often as possible -- we're talking 20+ years ago graduation -- and we still enjoy each other's company.  

Even though the miles have grown between us, we can all think back to the gut-busting fun we've had over the years.  Some may criticize it a lot, but I love Facebook for the simple fact that it helps people reminisce and remain friends (most of the time). That's the case with us. We get to IM across two states and discuss our love of different narrative plots. It's great to talk about many off-the-wall books we both love. We're usually always on the same page - pun intended.

Kathy's big spiel was being tossed from the whitewater raft where too many of us were packed like sardines. I'll always remember thinking how we would have to call her mom to report if Kathleen died on those rocks that day. Thanks to that old dude who popped her back in the boat, she's still with us today. Ever teasing as she is, Kathy scoffed and reported she knew what a frog in a blender felt.

Were it happen now, I'd freak out over the possibility of Kathleen's boys being taken from their wonderful mom. She and I both had kids "later" in life but love them even more than if we were young mothers.  I think those guys have a tough act to follow with their big-hearted mom. They all lost Kathleen's parents in the last few years, but I know she keeps the boys' grandparents alive in their minds and hearts. I hope her heart has found peace.    

Being the mediator she is, Kathleen is always keeping us together. We've used golf clubs as microphones and drank beer in the morning on a float trip. Vegas, Denver, Wesport KC, Homecoming parade, or the Macy Gray concert blast in Lawrence, Kathy is always great fun!  Your blithe spirit enriches us all, and for that I say, "Thanks, my friend!"  

Thank a friend of yours, too, because she may not have had anyone say so for awhile ... or ever. We should all appreciate each other more.  

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