Monday, July 18, 2011

They never burned them!

It amazes me how many women to this day unabashedly say, "I'm not a feminist but ..."  Yes, if you give half a shit about a woman's place in the world then you are a feminist.  If you think it's okay to be treated as a slave or a punching bag and that your right to vote needs to be taken away, then may you are not. 

There are at least hundreds of thousands of men who also proudly say they are feminists.  If they love women and don't want to see lots of them die in back-alley abortions, then for f's sake, I hope they claim to be feminists.  However, I still don't get why so many people think feminists are bra-burning ball busters.  All that is a myth.  True, there are fractions of factions of femi-nazis still out there.  I think they're hiding in the basement of the gender studies department at some secret university somewhere, though, because I certainly don't know where that is.  Hell, I had never heard of Andrea Dworkin until last week and only then learned who Ti-Grace Atkinson is (kind of).  Why would anyone want such a radical change in society as to separate women and men? 

I do, however, believe in the Equal Rights Amendment, and Gloria Steinem is one of my personal heroines.  Mine is a kinder, gentler feminist view of seeking the equality of women and men through political and legal reform.    

Anyway, all that to take me to this article:

And I just wanted to say that even though I am an ancient 43-year old neo-rocker, I did not wear a bra to the Sheryl Crow concert this past weekend.  Granted, I had on a cami under my outer tank top.  Although I can't claim to have been totally unselfconscious, it was quite liberating to do so. 

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  1. There was almost a blasphemous use of Ms. Steinem's name here (and it made me have to reply):

    (thanks to Anna for the link)