Friday, March 8, 2013

Thanks, my friend! (March 8)

There are a few gaps in the procession of this thankfulness theme I've tried to create here. It's not a lack of amazing women in my life but more a matter of me taking time to recognize them. With it being International Women's Day, I'd like to reinvigorate my momentum here.

In doing so, I want to recognize a friend who serves as an almost daily inspiration to me, if not at least on a weekly basis. She's someone who is motivational, supportive and always has something hilarious to say ... but any more I only get to experience it all through Facebook. But I love it anyway. Let's face it, social media keeps us together.

Some people call FB a time suck, others claim to hate it or deny using it. One of my sisters totally denounces it as a terrible thing but then asks me what I hear from this person or that through Facebook. Keeping me in touch with people who I don't otherwise get to see is the number one reason for hanging tough with old Markie Z's love child.

This is a spotlight on my friend, Fran. She always makes me laugh and has the guts to signpost funny stuff that others won't. Fran is very passionate, convicted in her beliefs, and unapologetic in her ways. She's supportive to many people and groups and is willing to help out a friend if there's any way she can. I greatly admire all these qualities in her.

Fran is a lover of life and beauty, sharing little pieces of it with all her Facebook friends. I miss working with her, especially because of her no-nonsense attitude, but I get bits of her warmth through the computer. She welcomed me to the station when I hadn't been there very long and invited me to her wedding anyway. Ken got a helluva woman, and I think he knows and greatly appreciates that fact. She is awesome, and I want to say thanks, my friend!

Celebrate International Women's Day by telling a friend how much you love and appreciate her. Spare just a few minutes to let her know how important she is to the world.


  1. Katy I am blown away and totally honored to be recognized on International Women's Day on your blog. When the "beep" happened that I had something I needed to tend to on Facebook I had no idea it would be about me. I thought, "Oh cool, Katie wants me to read something." Thank you so much, I miss our day to day "in person" interaction but at least I have you here on Facebook! You are a great woman yourself and a tremendous Mother! Thanks for being in my DASH 1954-_______ My Friend. Thanks Again and Happy International Women's Day! You made mine!

    1. I am so lucky to have great friends in my life and am glad to have made you happy today! You are an amazing woman, and it's the least I can do to recognize it. Have a wonderful weekend!