Friday, September 14, 2012

Thanks, my friend! (Sept. 14)

Some times in life you get lucky enough to land somewhere you feel fits you, where there are like-minded people in front of whom you never have to censor yourself.  I call it serendipitous to have been placed with an office-mate at my current job who fits me and vice versa.  Trust me, being possibly matched with my polar opposite in this bible-belt scared the holy crap out of me, pun intended.

In my case, I was even lucky enough to have been paired up with someone who also became a friend.  Alexis is not only a compassionate person who is loads of fun but was cool enough to invite me into her book group.  Or maybe I infiltrated it ... however you want to look at it.  The book club women have similar tastes to mine but also opened up my reading world to a much bigger place and pulls me out of some self-imposed ruts.  A summer lake trip with this "drinking group with a reading problem" is one of the highlights of my relatively new existence in this geographic area of the world.  True joy is laughing so hard your face muscles hurt, and that happens a lot with them.  Some even pee their pants, but that's probably more about old age and worn out bladders (hee hee).  

Alexis didn't just welcome me into her inner fold, she enthusiastically participates in any fun we can find around here.  She's gone to hear live music -- sometimes with me instead of her husband!  We enjoy many of the same musicians, except of dumb old Radiohead, and do lots of chair dancing.  Wild days of youth might be behind us, but we're still going to live it up as much as we can. I'm glad we both have the exuberant attitudes necessary.   

This woman is socially conscious, concerned for others and is easily inspired to selfless acts.  She is genuinely compassionate for the plights of marginalized people,speaks up for the so-called underdog often, and is caring to a fault.  Speaking of which, Alexis is one of us who can't watch those Sarah McLachlan commercials for the ASPCA without crying.  Don't try to make her watch sad clips on youtube either.  You won't, however, have to twist her arm for happy kitty videos, though.  

On bad days in the office I love to do some dancing to (and ogling of) Marky Marky's Good Vibrations.  I've got an awesome office-mate to join me.  Especially for that, I thank you, my friend!

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