Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My sand pail list (in lieu of a bucket)

In case the bucket never gets filled before I kick it:

1)  see my son graduate from high school/college & maybe marry one day 

2) go to Hawaii - don't know if I'll ever make all 50 states

3) publish a real novel

4) make as many young women as possible realize they really are feminists*

5) finally be able to do king pigeon

6) meet my college friends' children - Young & her daughters in Seoul, Korea & Jill & kids in LA,CA

7) go zip-lining

8) accomplish one tangible truly selfless improvement for society

9) drive a motorcycle

10) get back to pre-baby weight

*see the greatest cartoon at: 
& great new book at: 
"Englightened Sexism"

Thanks to Becky from BBC (http://driftinback.blogspot.com/) for this idea.

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