Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So many channels, so little time - a couple thoughts.

In a blogpost by someone I've recently started to read (, I came across a mention of an NPR article I want to read:

Basically the author of the NPR article says, "There is so much to read without enough time to read it."  I totally agree.  And not enough time for all the other stories I want to enjoy (movies, tv, you name it).  Hell, I can't even divvy up the time to finish Lloyd's Huff Post article, and there are certainly other things I should be doing.  She's talking summer reading list time, another luxury I would relish having!

Instead, I read inane crap on the websites I frequent.  These are online communities that I enjoy but loath at the same time because of some of the content post by mainly radical, outspoken conservatives that drive me nuts.  I mean, FFS, there was an awesome feel-good story about Pres Obama quieting a crying baby.  It made me smile, which says a lot considering my cynicism.  Then all these crazy women had to flame him out on the BBC post on FB.  Come on, that much hate for one tiny act of kindness?  It is amazing how much energy is thrown at such nonsensical things, and it scares me to fathom how many young females out there in the general population sound like crazy ass Bachman and Palin.  Leave Barack alone!  (He and I are on a first-name basis, ya know? *fingers crossed in emphasis*)

My Visualbookshelf currently has 335 titles listed that I want to read (  So maybe less time on copying these links, and more time reading all the narratives I think I'm missing?  Starting on the ten books piled on the bedroom dresser and numerous freebies acquired on my Kindle in an attempt to read classics would be a start.  Three hundred thirty-five, ya right!

And on a totally unrelated note, you know you're old when FB friend suggestions start popping up for the kids you used to babysit in your teens.  Whoa.  Oh, and I guess less time on FB would also help. 

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