Friday, June 17, 2011

She's so inspirational!

Who knew a narcissist could be so "groundbreaking and extraordinary," just like she claims?  My co-worker friend, Desiree, unknowingly gave me the final push to actually create a blog (  I've thought about it for quite awhile now, thanks to my cousin, Maria ( The right time never seemed to come.

So many people talk of bloggers of being just what Desiree's jokes about being, narcissistic.  Alas, I chose to wait until after all the mommy newness wore off, especially at my "advanced maternal age," so that it wasn't a complete look-at-me-I've-procreated babyfest.  Sure, it's inevitably going to go there from time to time, but let's hope I can make it more.

I don't claim to be witty or particularly astute, but it's fun to add my own social commentary ever now and then.  It's not just limited to Yahoo's OMG! page now.  Although, mine are very sound pop culture ramblings there, if I must say so myself.  Since I'm always on my soapbox about something anyway, I find blogspot to be yet another venue for imposing my opinions on the world.  Let the self-absorption commence (like it wasn't there before?)!

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