Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Elsewhere ...

Two works-in-progress now adorn my stack of books. They're mine, and they collect dust atop the other hard-copy ... or real ... books that rest on my dresser at home. The writing projects that are still what I call "in the revision phase." 

Now I've come back and realized my apparent abandonment of this blog. Truth is, I use another space as my actual writing blog and try to practice doing so at least on a weekly basis. Procrastinator that I might be, I'm doing a little something there. 

Katy Did Not, on the other hand, is what I've previously referred to as my ranty blog (like, "Oh, no you didn't ...) where I consider myself more anonymous in doing so. Well, as anonymous as a person can be online, especially since my Twitter account links to it. 

But I'll link over to the other one here in hopes that maybe I'll get a little traffic from it. Until then, cheers, and get back to work!

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