Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Have a (*insert cliche here) New Year!

After a remarkably memorable vacation to St. Pete Beach, Florida before the Christmas holiday, it is hard to reconnect to the responsibilities involved in day-to-day life.  Resuming the routine of existence is so disjointed compared to my previous two weeks of waking up with no alarm clock's warning, performing my daily online circuit, taking a nap, and then staying up late with no self-imposed television limits.

It was wonderful to wake up on vacay and look out the window to white sand and rolling surf.  I could even overlook the marauding sky rats with that view.  It was especially a treat to celebrate my sister's 50th birthday in a seeming paradise such as the one we enjoyed.  My favorite part was our jaunt in the ocean waves, shallow but powerful all the same.  It will be awhile before I laugh that hard again.  It was fun to be goofy at the pool with my sisters and go out on the open ocean aboard Stonebraker's boat.    

Alas, after our return home and usual after-Christmas let down, 2012 tinkled in with nary a tiny ring, or more so with the Cajun vibed "True Blood" theme.  I finished the season marathon on NYE by myself, but that's okay -- because I had to know what happened!  All the death was totally unforgivable, thank you so much Charlaine Harris (fuckin' Sookie!), but at least it "sucked" the new year in for me.  

Now we're (the proverbial "we") back to the same old, same old, and that's not so bad.  My little comedian son is my joy, and he comes up with something new every day.  I'm going to try to write more and travel somewhere again this year, too.

So I hope to 1) not get so entangled in what I haven't done for our home and concentrate instead on what I actually DO for it & 2) continue to establish a peaceful balance I so hope for in my life.

I also plan to stay more informed about civic issues that interest me, i.e. hydro-fracking regulations.  There was a great article called Rigged by Josh Harkinson in Mother Jones magazine, January/February 2012 issue.  

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  1. Good article: http://motherjones.com/blue-marble/2011/06/ruffalo-video-fights-fracking

    & another: http://motherjones.com/environment/2012/02/fracking-pennsylvania-susquehanna-county
    (w/several links to others)