Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Do your feet hurt?

Last weekend I tried on platform heels for the first time.  It was a ridiculous experience.  And they weren't even that wild or outlandish.  How can you get that crazy at TJ Maxx?  In fact, they were pretty plain considering.
  So how do normal women wear these things?  Younger women walk around in shoes like this who look like they're one half-step away from a face plant.  They're walking on the balls of their feet, putting pressure on every tiny tarsal (metatarsal?) that can scarcely stand a person's weight, no matter how much it is.  Ever heard of a stress fracture?

I know I'm getting old. There is a bit of pre-judgment here from just getting too damn old and critical.  Yet there's simply no way to grasp why women choose fashion over function to this extreme.  Is it really to look good, or is it to catch the male eye?  And wearing them to work is a special form of nonsense, unless you're working the corner.  You're not so cute all bent over trying to keep your balance.  It's really not so important to conform to style to this degree.

There comes a time to surrender the fantasy of how wonderful you think you look as being directly proportional to how wonderful everyone else thinks you look (sadly, for you, even the males whom you must be hoping to attract) when you are inching along with you ass out behind you because your platforms do not allow otherwise. Don't feed into the patriarchal expectations set out for you (and all women) of what is "beautiful."

As Naomi Wolf says, it's all a myth.  (

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